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Currently 17 players are online on Ethania.

Sorcerers Druids Paladins Knights
3 2 8 4
se Bigpantssmallpenis170Royal Paladin
ru Chinx68Royal Paladin
se Crackhead155Knight
se Don Berntan204Master Sorcerer
se Druidzka158Elder Druid
co Grizelda123Elite Knight
mx Legolas8Paladin
se Meria Vian76Paladin
se Michael Scott214Master Sorcerer
se Mister Hard116Royal Paladin
ch Palouk111Royal Paladin
ch Polouk74Knight
ve Ragnarok Thor51Elite Knight
se Sapuzzara Alennos210Paladin
mx Shadowgus40Sorcerer
mx Tideus206Royal Paladin
se Xaxux127Druid

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