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1.Each guild must have in the game at least 10 members online to get points for Guild Shop.
2.every online player must have a different ip address! and needs a minimum of level 50. (the day after the server is started requirements may be increased up to level 80 or 100).
3.if the requirements are met, the guild leader can get the guildpoints for all members including himself.
(2 guildpoints per player) by using the command !guildpoints.
4.Every member can receive guildpoints just once! Even if you join another guild.

Welcome to Ethania Guild Shop.

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5 Crystal Coins (1 points)
Add 5 crystal coins to your character.
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Pair of soft boots (1 points)
You see a Pair of soft boots that is brand-new. faster regeneration [15 mana / 2 sec, 8 hp / 2 sec]
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Royal Axe (1 points)
(Atk:47, Def:25 +3).
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Blessed Sceptre (1 points)
(Atk:47, Def:21 + 3).
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The Justice Seeker (1 points)
(Atk:47, Def:24 + 3).
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Guild Points
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